Gtx 680, is it worth it?


Thought i'd ask for your expert opinion.

Is it worth buying a gtx 680?

Please explain why it is, or why it isnt.

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  1. It all depends on your budget. If you have the money to put on it, it's definitely worth it. It's a monster and will play everything maxed out at 1080p very well. If it's way over your budget and you were considering making sacrifices just to get it, then no I don't think it is. Go for something like 7870 which is an amazing GPU value right now.
  2. What's your total system specs? What's your monitor resolution? What do you need the GTX 680 for?
  3. My specs:

    Motherboard: ASUS P6T SE X58 S-1366 ATX
    Memmory: CORSAIR 6GB DDR3 XMS3 INTEL I7 9XX PC12800 1600MHZ CL9 (3X2GB)
    Cpu: INTEL CORE I7 950 3.06GHZ 8MB S-1366
  4. Forgot my monitor.

    I have a 1920x1080 120hz monitor.
  5. Ok, if you're a hardcore gamer the GTX 680 is the best choice to go with as it's the strongest single GPU out there, followed by HD 7970 if you wanna experience a little difference of FPS in gaming.

    Right now the best bang for buck is the HD 7970, you can't get a GTX 680 for $500 and the difference between the 2 cards is 7% @ stock speed, 2 % if you're going to OC the HD 7970.

    EDIT: For some games it will be an overkill for that resolution, for some titles like Metro 2033 & Batman AC it's just a strong card can cope up with the demanding games. Something like GTX 580 or HD 7950 play all the games at that resolution very well.
  6. If you can get a 580 for its retail price then it is worth the price, but if you can't find it at the $500 retail price it isn't worth it. Most of the cards are overpriced by $100+ and I don't believe it is worth that much more than a 7970. The 7970 is what I would get and the just overclock the card so that it performs closer to the 680.
  7. Thank you very informative answer ilysaml.

    I am a hardcore gamer, i love playing games on the PC and i get cranky if the fps is too low.

    But what i was thinking was.
    4 years ago, what was the top of the line card then? What was the nvidia card 4 years ago that had the same prize tag as the 680 have today?

    And how well does that card do today?
  8. The 8800 GTS was the most famous GPU from nVidia as i remember, then the 9800 GX2 landed and it was the first dual GPU in one PCB card was around $700 and it's performance was marvelous but its' not compared to today's games demands and technologies... but it's still a good value for mid range games.

    The GTX 690 was introduced yesterday and no one knows what will be revealed the next year or the next months!!
  9. If I remember correctly the 9800 GX2 had two PCBs, one on the top and the bottom :P

    Anyways, if you only care about a good video card, go with the 7970 as it is cheaper, if you <3 Nvidia, then go for the 680.
  10. Defintiely worth it, I posted a pic of my rig on this forum. Anyway I am debating going SLIor not , I got another 680 on the way. Wow $1200 on gpu's I must be nuts!
  11. Yes it did have two boards one on top of another.

    Secondly the 7970 is by no means a bad card it is just slightly worse than the 680 but I can't see the extra cost of the 680 being worth it. Newegg currently has a great deal on a 7970 for $460 (before rebate).
  12. andrewcarr said:
    Yes it did have two boards one on top of another.

    It was the GeForce 7950 GX2 (2 PCBs) not the 9800 GX2.
  13. The 9800GX2 did also come out with a dual pcb just like the 7950GX2.
    I had 2 of the XFX 9800Gx2 and they had two pcbs.
  14. Oh yes I see now, thx for the info.
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