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CPU Sli or Crossfire?

Hey, guys.

I've been wondering for a while if there is a way to couple CPU's together as in the SLI or Crossfire technology in graphics cards. That would be very expensive, though... I'm just asking out of curiosity, since I would never be able to afford that.

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  1. Two CPU boards exist (common in servers) although it is not exactly the same as SLI or CF.
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    Yes as Rolli said you would have to get a motherboard with two CPU sockets but there are a few things to remeber:

    1) Dual CPU's motherboard's will be pretty expensive and so will two CPU's.

    2) If you are thinking about this for gaming don't bother. Let's say you got two Intel quad core Xeon's, yes you have 8 real cores but it's pointless as games will not make use of the 8 real cores.

    3) Most dual socket motherboards are going to be made for servers so they are going to use buffered ECC RAM which is a little slower than unbuffered non ECC RAM.
  3. Multi cpus is really only for workstations or servers as there is no need for such cpu power for games. Some of the cpus don't require ecc ram. There isn't a technology to be able to use multi cpus. As long as the software supports multithreading, the os will handle the cpu/core workload distribution.
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  5. Thank you very much, I just wanted to know.

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