Computer will not Boot

I just built this computer less than 90 days ago:
Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
FX- 8150 3.6GHz
OCZ Vertex $ 256G
G.Skill Sniper Series 1866 16GB
Corsair Carbide 500R
Cooler Master Hyper612 Cpu Cooler

I keep getting the blue screen that gives this stop come:
stop: 0x00000124 (0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFFA800ccc5028, 0x00000000fe800000, 0x0000000000020015)

I have used the ssd in another computer and it worked as an add on when i try to boot from it windows does not start. So i tried a formatted had drive in the new computer and got the same stop code. Try the standard windows repair with no luck. The GPU works in another computer. The motherboard that i have in now is brand new with new Bios update, and it still gives the same stop code with the formatted hard drive. I am thinking it is the CPU, but not sure. How can i fix this or find the true problem? I do not have access to a different FX Cpu. ( wish i did)
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  1. Yes, it was all up to date.
  2. I cant get the os to reinstall. So i am unable to do any test. Could the PSU cause any of these problems. I just cleaned the CPU and applied new thermal past. I did not look to have any type of burn marks. It boots and works fine in Bios, just when ever I try to do anything to get windows going.
  3. when ever windows restarts to finish the install, the computer resets it self fright after the windows logo comes up........ CPU?
  4. Try with one stick of ram at a time.
  5. ok
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