Which video card is the best for my CPU

Hello guys
I want to know your opinions about what graphic card should i buy to offer the best performance for my CPU a Dual Core E6500, 2.93Ghz and 4GB Ram DDR3. I know if i spend too much money for a strong video card it will be limited by the CPU and is useless so i must buy one which offer the best performance with my E6500. I use rezolution of 1680*1050
PS: i prefer a recomandation for a nvidia card
Thanks you !
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  1. If you have the money, i would definetely recommend the Gtx 560Ti.

    It can easily run most games on your resolution(albeit not on max graphics in the most graphic intensive games - like Metro 2033), but in all optimized titles it should run magnificently!
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    quick answer:
    GTX 550ti

    but a 560ti would be better. you will face some limiting from your CPU depending on the game but it will be minimal and the performance increase will be quite noticeable.
  3. I thought enough gtx 460, gtx 560 so it goes too long without being limited by CPU. I do not want to give too much money and be in vain because the processor
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