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I'm upgrading my GT520 to a GTX560 and was wondering if i have to uninstall drivers for the gt520 before i install the GTX560. I read some forums with people talking about disabing drivers from the BIOS. I don't want to get anywhere near the BIOS. Don't trust myself with that. If i have to do this is there a way i could do this without touching the more technical stuff. Also would i just install the gtx560 drivers from Someone give me any tips?
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    Yes! Everytime you install a new graphics card, remove the old drivers first!

    Here is a complete guide if it is your first time:
  2. I didn't, I thought all Nvidia cards use the same exact drivers ?
  3. Okay read that very detailed comprehensive thread but was wondering do i uninstall the drivers for the gt520 when the card is in than take it out and put 560 in and than install the 560 or do i install the 560 with the 520 in and than put the 560 in?
  4. Remove the drivers before you remove the 520.
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  6. Some users on here say there shouldn't be a problem with just installing over the top of it in case you can just roll back. are there disadvantages to this? Also i hear some people saying you can just disable the drivers through windows.
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