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Hi all,

So yes, before all of you go NOOOOOB and BUILD A DESKTOP, I'm gonna go ahead by saying I KNOW. So here's the thing, I've convinced my mom to get me a new laptop. Now obviously I want to be able to game on it, as I have a gaming desktop at my dad's house (but my mom won't let me bring it over, etc. etc., whole bunch of un-related issues). So I'm also not looking to blow out Battlefield 3 as I do on my desktop, as I'm pretty sure that's not really possible on a laptop, or at least for my budget. I'd like to stay under 1k, the lower the better. And well it cant mention gaming anywhere on it, such as "ASUS Gaming <model>" or w.e. Just looking for something that has decent specs, that would be able to run basic stuff (Minecraft, Call Of Duty[A potato can run COD]), etc. So obviously, not an integrated intel chipset.. Preferable if it's off Staples, Best Buy, Future Shop, etc. If not, then maybe Newegg or Amazon. Please make sure it's or, as well as the stores, as I live in Canada. So it can't be .com, as some stuff availible in the US might not be availible for me :( Thanks!


Purpose: Multi-Purpose laptop that can run some games (Minecraft, COD)
Budget: 1k (preferably less)
Sites/Locations: Newegg, Amazon, Future Shop, Best Buy, Staples (.ca for all, I live in Canada)
Notes: No integrated intel chipset, can't mention gaming on it.. (ie. "ASUS Gaming <model>")
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    Picked it because it has the 555m, it was really hard to find a laptop under 1000 without Intel HD graphics.

    You might want to replace the hard drive because it's 5400rpm.
  2. if you don't care about screen size go to origin pc. there 11-inch has GT-550M graphics

    The GT 555m is a very decent card. It won't max out BF3 (obviously) but it'll do most games on high and BF3 on medium (it depends quite a bit on the laptop but this is just an average.)
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