Can I run Battlefield 3 with this?

Hello, I was just wondering if I would be able to run Battlefield 3 with a AMD Radeon HD4250 and a HD5450? Can I run it.

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    This benchmark is run with Ultra settings , 4x msaa , 16x AF , and HBAO enabled and a screen resolution of 1920x1080 .
    The HD4250 is an intwergrated graphics chip? The HD5450 is a laptop? You can't play BF3 with either one.
  2. Im not necessarily saying im going to run it on ultra. Im dualing the graphics card in the new pc I bought and I wouldnt care if i could only run the game on low. So I can't run it at all?
  3. Not even at low settings. Sorry.
  4. It could run Crysis...

    Edit: barely.
  5. With the lowest settings and 10 FPS, sure.
  6. Nope , best to invest in a stronger graphics card.
  7. Yes you will be able to run it. On low settings you will get 20-30 fps. Heres a video of someone playing it with the card.
  8. Thanks will for the video, I supposed I will just have to upgrade. :)
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