AMD phenom 965 black edition cooler

hi all ,

like title is saying i am searching a new cooler for my new CPU AMD Phenom 965 black edition 3,4 GHz , that because his cooler is too noisy.

I need a silent cooler for my CPU but not so expensive.

tell me some good coolers and silent for my PCU please.
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  1. My friend has that CPU and runs a Cooler Master 212 EVO, it's probably a little overkill actually unless your OCing but for $35 it pays to go a little over kill.
  2. is it silent than his stock cooler?
  3. Yes it makes less noise than the stock cooler for sure, I can't really hear it when I'm over there and he keeps the side of his case off and only has two other case fans. I also run the TX3 which is the smaller version and I never hear my CPU cooler, I do have a lot of fans though.

    Get this. $19.99 after MIR.

    You can get the above too, but it's more expensive.
  5. what i need is a good and silent cooler for it. I use his stock cooler but is too noise and i want to change it.
    I want to be silent as possible
  6. hey I know this is out of topic, but which is better this cpu with a discrete card or the a10 5800k?
  7. P2 and a discrete card.
  8. can you please come back at the topic ? :D
  9. I have a Phenom X4 965 and am running this cooler right now:

    It's fairly quiet- definitely better than the horrible noise the stock cooler makes when the tiny fan spins up to 4000rpm- and it's MUCH more effective at cooling. The single fan was enough to keep me around 45c under stress tests. Overclocked, I added a second fan and still stay under 50c. For $20, it's hard to go wrong. :hello:
  10. Go with what ocmusicjunkie proposed or go with a Hyper 212 + or Evo.

    I went with the Tx3 Evo, but only because there was no room to fit a 212.
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