Advice please

Ok here is what I plan to build:

asus a7a
256 crucial pc 133 "from my old system"
t-bird 1.2
Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 Kyro II 4500 64MB
Western Digital CAVIAR 20GB 3WD200BB 7200rpm Ultra ATA 100

Now the the last piece of this puzzle is what sound card?
First off I am willing to spend upto $80"that should be enough?".I will be getting klipsch 4.1 someday, so sound is important to me.
Second I want something that's the most compatible with what I have. I am afraid to buy something that might cause problems.
Third the only reason I need sound is for games.
So if anyone can give me their input as to whats the best for under $80 for me I say "thank you".

P.S. If any of the hardware above is a bad choice or combination please let me know.
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  1. I own the Soundblaster Live Platinum 5.1 and the Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500. The Live is a HUGE disappointment. The Aureal has problems with VIA chipsets and Win2k. Since you do not have a VIA chipset but instead the far more compatable ALi, I recommend the Vortex2, as long as you will be using 98SE. The same Vortex 2 that comes in the SQ2500 is also available in the Diamond MX300 and a Turtle Beach card. Far superior to the Live in sound quality (but limmited to 4.1 surround, which is fine as long as your not using a speaker system with center channel).

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  2. The SoundBlaster Live Value offers the game support you want and can be had for around $50 online. I have used this card for over a year and as long as you load it up properly, it will have no problems. Just make sure that you have all the latest drivers to the following: Motherboard, Soundcard, and Video card; and to place your sound card on PCI Slot #3.

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  3. You might consider thw Phllips Acoustics Edge. It has gotten great reviews, and I havent heard of people having compatability issues with this sound card.

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