I5 3570k stock idle temp

Hello everyone,

Is normal to have 50-53C° in idle ? I see it in the bios.
With stock cooler, 1 top fan, 1 rear fan, 1 side fan (to the gpu)

Intel TurboBoost and SpeedStep are enabled

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  1. The BIOS temp isn't measured at idle, the CPU has a load in the BIOS, after the OS has been loaded the CPU can idle depending on load.

    To measure idle temps download coretemp and check temps when CPU usage is on 0% - 5%
  2. Ok, I have used a wrong term.I was talking about a situation without any open programs or something else...just to know if the bios temp is ok for this situation.
    My pc is brand new
  3. CPU temps at idle should be 30 deg C - even with a stock cooler, so 50 is too high. With the right cooler and case environment, CPU temp should be under 50 deg under load.

    What cooler do you have, is it connected to a CPU fan header, and what kind of case, fan setup and graphics card are you running?
  4. i5 3570k with stock cooler
    msi gtx 660ti pe 2gd5/0C twin frozr
    xfx 650w
    The case is the Antec Three Hundred Two with the top (140) and rear (120) fan preinstalled
  5. I could mount a fan on the back of the mainboard, the height of the processor
  6. Idle temps aren't as important as load temps IMO. Having a GPU that runs hot (heat rises and I've found heat from a GPU at idle can effect CPU temps a few degrees), or case fans can have such a huge impact on idle temp. Once your load temps are getting close to 60 you should start worrying, but I do like to see idle temps closer to 30C. Going overboard on a CPU cooler isn't a bad thing, my CPU idles around 20C and usually won't higher than 35C. But it's also cold this time of year too.
  7. CPU smart fan target is set at 55C°, in the BIOS
  8. Lower it down to say 50C and see what it does, honestly though stock heat sinks aren't very good, espically the ones from Intel, even spending $10 on an aftermarket one can have huge results.

    If your interested this is what I run: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103064 fantastic cooler and it's small enough that you don't need a back plate.

    But even one as cheap as this would be step over the stock cooler: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835200014
  9. I lowered it at 50 and then 40C but the temp is always the same. I could mount a fan at the back of the mainboard, the height of the cpu, maybe will be better.
    Maybe I'm worry too much
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