2gb gddr3 or 1gb gddr5?

I know that there are threads out there on the differences between gddr3 and gddr5, but they haven't seemed to help me. I am buying a new graphics card and i was either going to buy a 2gb gddr3 or 1gb gddr5. I wasn't sure which was better, i have seen that gddr5 is faster in getting alot there quicker, but i wanted to play games like battlefield 3 and the recommended RAM of video cards is 1024 MB. So, would in that case the 2gb gddr3 be better or would the 1gb gddr5 still be better? If anybody could also explain the differences and similarities of this that would be helpful. Thanks!
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    The higher the resolution in games, the more VRAM there should be since more textures & packs need to be loaded.
    Due to technologies such as AA, MSAA, AF, QSCAA.. those really feed on the VRAM depending on the game.

    However some cards are not powerful enough to use the extra VRAM. For example there's no difference between HD 5670 512 MB and 1 GB as the GPU itself is weak enough not to handle that amount of RAM which is the case of your 2 GB DDR3 card.

    GDDR 5 is much faster than GDDR3 in transfer rates, almost double the speed.

    What are the 2 cards you're referring to?
  2. The asus radeon hd 6670 1gb gddr5 and the amd radeon hd 6670 2gb gddr3 but i think i will go with the gddr5, but one other question, does the motherboard need to have any extra like support for a gddr5 or not, because i know that both will fit and everything
  3. No it doesn't have. System RAM is different from VRAM. And HD 6670 is good for what it is (GDDR5) if you wanna feel a good performance get the HD 6870.
  4. Ok thanks for all the help really appreciate it. I am going to get the 6870 however this is just a temporary video card. But thanks im gona go with 1gb gddr5
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