Need help finding gpu for my build

Im building a new system and have every thing picked out except my gpu, Im looking for a gpu that can run need for speed and call of duty without any lag and will look great on my monitor

My Build:
Cpu: Core i5 2500
Gpu: ?????
Mobo: Gigabyte Z68xp-ud3
Monitor:Dell Ultrasharp 1920x1080
Ram: Ripjaws 8gb
Psu:Seasonic m12II 520w
Drives: M4 ssd 128gb and Seagate 1.5tb 7200rpm

Thanks in advance
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  1. Is that the 2500k?

    I suggest a 7850.
  2. Its just 2500 but i might just get 2500k for its only 10 bucks more. So a 7850 and recommended brand?
  3. Well I recommend Sapphire but it's out of stock.

    I would get this one. Oh, and if you get the 2500k, make sure to get a cpu cooler.
  4. Thats an awsome card right in my price range too. my psu(520w) should be able to handle it right
  5. What kind of PSU? It should though, 7850 is very power efficient.
  6. Seasonic m12II 520w
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