Nvidia's GTX 560 ti enough?

I bought a GTX 560 Ti about 4 months. It is running almost every game
on Ultra settings. Even battlefield 3 is running smooth on ultra high settings with above 45 FPS, then why is GTA IV lagging (Average FPS only 26)? Do i need to upgrade GPU or is there any other problem? Because already it cannot run GTA IV, then surely it wouldn't be albe to play the upcoming games in years 2012-13. I want a card that would last at least 2 years, i cannot spend 250$ every year on a GPU. If i will upgrade my card, which one would you suggest (Any card ATI or Nvidia)? Or should i buy another 560 ti and sli them...I'm really confused... :??: I am saying it again, at least lasting 2 years.

System Specs:
Core i5 2500k
8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
700 watt PSU
ASRock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3

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    GTA 4 is widely known as a horribly optimized game. Do a quick google search, there was a version of the game that ran better.
  2. So, Thats the problem...Thanks for your reply..i'll check it out
  3. Still waiting for more replies....
  4. I am really impressed that a single 560ti can run BF3 on ultra high settings. What resolution?

    I used to run 560ti's in SLI and the performance is on par with a 580, if not a tad better. The prices are dropping for all 5xx series cards so you could grab another 560ti. It all depends on what you mean by "would last 2 years."
  5. Not very impressive resolution...1600x900
  6. A friend of mine has the same card...and he can run bf3 on high-ultra on 1600x1024.
    And yeah i was already thinking of buying another one...when i bought it about 4 months ago it was 250$ and now you can get it for around 210$.
    Its a great card!
  7. Two 560 Ti in SLI is a very powerful setup, especially at your resolution (1600x900), which means that the relatively low VRAM won't hamper framerates. You also shouldn't have as big a problem with microstutter at that lower resolution (it's a worse problem when each card is struggling).

    I would probably still wait a few weeks to see how the next generation of nVidia releases affects prices of the 5xx series. It's not like it's urgent for you to get the second card. You will probably see price drops akin to what happened to AMD's 6870, so wait a bit, then grab another card.

    OTOH, if you are planning to go higher resolution some time soon, then you might consider getting a totally different card.
  8. Yeah u right motorneuron. But right now i'm sticking to my current resolution...and thinking of buying another 560ti.
  9. GTA4 is a bad console port, it's definitely not something I would use to gauge a graphics card's strengths because ALL cards will get horrible FPS in that game.
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  11. Thanks for your replies guys.
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