Slots don't line up with MOBO PCI's


Just doing an install and realized my mATX board pci slots aren't lining up with my case. It's a Obsideon 550D case. Is this common is there a quick fix?
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  1. make sure you are using the correct standoffs and mounting holes. read the manual for the case to get the correct configuraion
  2. Yes, if the slots aren't lining up properly, this is a warning indicator that you have the motherboard mounted improperly. Find out what is going on and get it straightened out BEFORE you apply power, or you may end up with a direct to the case short and burn up something!
  3. Make sure you find every screw hole in your mobo, count them up, & match them up with the holes in your case. Put one of the brass stand-offs in each of these holes to correspond with the screw holes in your motherboard.

    DO NOT put any more brass stand-off's than your motherboard will support. If your mobo has 9 screw holes put 9 stand-offs in the case to match these holes exactly. If you have to make a paper diagram then do that.
  4. Thanks all - got it together. The offset was normal as the PCI E slot fit the vid card perfectly thanks!
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