Motherboard does not support CPU

Hey Tom's Hardware forum,

I recently bought a CPU for my motherboard, and I thought that I had all the specifications correct. That is, until I received the message, "Motherboard does not support CPU".

I came here to ask for help with this issue. Would anyone be willing to have a quick glance at the motherboard and the CPU, and tell me what I overlooked? What could be causing this if the specifications are correct?



Things tried:
Updated the Bios(Couldn't, fully up to date.

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    The mobo you specified is 95w socket and the cpu you bought is a 125w cpu, they wont work, you need a 95w cpu for it to work.
    sorry :(
  2. Yes bwf1975 is right.
  3. Then why is it the case when overclocking, CPU's still run at a higher wattage?
  4. For the same reason some boards will allow you to pump crazy voltage into your CPU and fry it.

    Overclocking necessarily runs equipment "out of spec". It's up to you to choose how much risk you are willing to take with your equipment.
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