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So this is the first time I've built a computer and it didn't go so well. The components are: i3-2120, XFX R7770, Crucial 2x2GB DDR3 RAM, Antec vp-450 PSU, and an H61M-p20 mobo.

So after building it and attaching everything, with the PSU set to 115V, I turned it on and the case LED flashed, and the CPU and GPU fans would spin for a second, then turn off. I asked for help from some people and since my PSU was used they suggested that was the problem. I bought a new Antec VP-450 and same problem, so I switched it to 225V and the computer would actually turn on: the CPU and GPU fans would spin and stay on, I could open the optical drive, and there were lots of sounds. When I connected my monitor to my GPU, though, there was no signal.

So I took things out. I only have 1 stick of RAM, the CPU and CPU fan, the power 24pin and the front panel stuff (Reset Switch, Power Switch, HDD LED and Power LED) connected. I connected my monitor to the DVI slot on the mobo and turned it on, the computer still turned on and stayed on (PSU still set to 225V) but still no signal to the monitor.

I've also removed and reinstalled the CMOS.

People have said either I have faulty RAM (I tried using both sticks 1 at a time) or a faulty CPU. Any other help?
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  1. If it has intergrated graphics, remove the R7770 and see if you get anything. I assume you do have the 6 pin power cable connected to the graphics card.

    Also, that graphic card's specs states it uses a minimum of 450W and recommends 550W.
  2. WOW it was because I didn't know there were 2 connections for the PSU to the I feel so dumb but so relieved. Thanks though!
  3. WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH. Do not ever run a PSU set to 220-240 on a 110-120 circuit or the other way around. If you live in a country with a 220-240v supply then that's fine. Any respectable PSU will have APFC and adjust for this automatically.
  4. Oooh hopefully it didn't ruin stuff, but I'm now back on 115V. Installing Windows right now, seems like everything's working!
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