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Hi im curious if I can purchase another case tower which is larger than my HP to put in a bigger better video card as of now i have a HP Pavillion elite and it wont accomapny anything larger than my nvidia ge force 220
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  1. you could but i dont think HP have larger cases. Even if you do get a better card you have to make sure your pc is compatible with it.
  2. You could conceivably put your motherboard and components into a larger case, say an Antec 300 or something similar. I think that you would also need to upgrade your PSU to support a more powerful graphics card.
  3. What is the model number of your HP PC?
  4. if you have a prebuilt computer, and want to upgrade, you would have to change cases, psu and of course the gpu. Im assuming the current motherboard is some form of atx motherboard, so it should be possible to transfer it. and since its a stock psu, i would not use it for any other cards until it is changed.
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