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I am looking to build a desktop or a laptop if it can handle it, under 600. I make YouTube videos so the computer would need to be able to handle Fraps and Capture software without slowing down. The games I would need to be able to run are Minecraft, Arma 2. I would like to run these games at more than 60fps with no lag while recording. Also being able to run Medal of Honor and Call of Duty on medium to high settings would be appreciated. If any of you could help me find the parts to build this computer it would be much appreciated.
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  1. Hi :)

    Forget Laptops...not enough money (you would needs thousands more) for gaming...

    Even on a Pc its not going to be a great gaming machine for that money...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. What resolution?

    The A-10 APU would work if it's a low enough res. 1600 can give you playable frames on higher settings with A-10, won't be 60fps on newer titles though. (30 - 50 depending on game)

    Otherwise i3 and a graphics card.

    Can you reuse anything from another build?
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    Here is a cheap graphics card that should be able to do what you want:

    If not there is always this one:
  4. This is $680 including windows 8

    This is an extremely good build and will play bf3 on ultra at 60 fps
  5. The radeon hd 7870 was out of stock so I had to get this one instead

    If $700 is a bit much, this build is also good for $600 including os
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