How long does it take to load files from a boot disk

I've had the blue screen of death over and over my comp wont boot up so I downloaded a program called Spotmau PowerSuite Golden 2012. first time it started then blue screen this time it has been on widows is loading files for 30 plus minutes doesn't even sound like comp is running. does anyone know how long it takes for this boot disk to load?. I was told the problem was a hard drive so I replaced it. would not auto boot so could not partition or format it took it to a tech who charged my 65 to do nothing but format from one of his machines which did me no good. wanted to charge me another 175 to load windows which I said no to. throwing good money after bad seems to me. vista would not load, bootdrv error. so i'm still waiting on this bootable cd to do its thing to no avail. no support for this software. their website stinks and won't load. would not have bought if I'd known they have no support.

any help would be appreicated. could it be my motherboard should I just toss it off a cliff and get a new one? really can't afford to put any more $ into it but need it for business.
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  1. could have get this for free

    anyway, if the hard disk is formated. just reinstall the OS. make sure to change the boot sequence in bios to boot from the OS cd.
  2. not sure if you got my reply as I was on my iphone. did that at first but woud not load so thats why I downloaded a boot drive still does not load or work. just beep beep beeps until I hard close it. Must be somthing else. I also hooked up the old hd to see if it was because there was no os on the new hd. still would not boot. just beeeeeeeppppp..... driving me crazy. would your guess be the motherboard or memory or?????
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