Help computer wont turn on

I was playing minecraft and my computer just shut down and wont turn back on. When i press the power button the fans dont even start spinning or my lights dont even flash.

I know my temps were safe because i have never had a problem with them i keep a larger fan blowing on my computer which keeps my fanless video card at 45 degrees C. at full load so i know temps arent an issue. If it was Ram wouldnt my computer at least post or start up at all? here are the specs

CPU AMD athlon II x2 255

standard cooling

Ram dont know for sure but it is 4gb

Hitachi 1TB

Powercolor 5450

win 7 64

and not sure on PSU it was prebuilt

Was it the PSU dieing? because my computer wont even boot now.
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  1. If it wont make any noise when you turn on - and - there's no smoke/smell

    1. Check the fuses
  2. Smell the back of the power supply, if it smells burnt it's gone.

    I would say that's probably what happened, the psu died.
  3. if nothing starts at all, its most likely the psu's death.
  4. PSU has multiple outputs. There is 12 volt rail, 5 volt, 3.5 volt, etc, etc. Any of them can fail, and cause big prblems. They make very inexpensive PSU testers that can be purchased almost anywhere for around $20.00. Or, if your good witha multi meter, you can check that way as well. That is only way I know for sure to check a psu. But, if I were forced to guess.....I'd agree with geekapproved that it sure does sound like your psu failed. good luck.
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