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I just finished my first ever pc and was halfway surprised that it doest connect to wifi ? Lolz typicall laptop user mistake. I am thinking about getting this so I can use wifi.. my big question is will it allow me to get wifi? If not can you post a link to something that would? Thanks
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  1. Go to your labtop
    Plug in usb
    Download your new builds motherboard LAN drivers
    Plug usb on new computer
    Download the drivers
  2. But won't that only get me Ethernet connection?
  3. Most motherboards don't have wifi and the ones that do are usually expensive.

    That adapter would work, not sure of the quality though.
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    If you havent fixed it yet, here are the official drivers. Also you will need your motherboards USB drivers, all this can be checked in the device manager in win7.
    Then on the middle left.
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