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What graphics card will make the most of my cpu?

hi, i have a quad core Q6700 2.66ghz cpu and just want to know what graphics cards would get me the very most out of my cpu without any major bottlenecking.
i may over clock my cpu in the future so maybe something that is slightly more than what i need.
ddr5 vram preferable.
i intend to be gaming on games like battlefield 3, crysis and maybe gta 4
any ideas?
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    I would say the best video card you could get would be the GTX 550ti- GTX 560ti or the GTX 650ti or the GTX 660TI. Also you can get its amd equivalent but I tend to bundle Intel with Nvidia and AMD with Ati.
  2. What's your budget? I use an HD6870 with my QX9650 and play most games on med/high. Of course newer cards are better. Take a look at Tom's suggestions:,3107.html
  3. On BF3 multiplayer I find overclocking my Q6600 from the stock 2.4 Ghz to 3.0 almost doubles my framerates when paired with the HD6950 so well worth considering an overclock.
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