Which set of video cards should I sell?

I was lucky enough to snag an Nvidia 680 (ships soon) to replace the 6970 that powers my 3 monitor rig. I'm going to use the 6970 to replace 2 5850s in Crossfire in another rig. Also I have a rig running 2 460 GTX-768s in SLI. I think the 5850s might be faster than the 460s but they might return more $$ than selling the 460s. The rigs are in my configuration. Your thoughts? Sell the 5850s or 460s?
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  1. The 5850 is about 12% faster than the 460, but sells (or sold) for a higher price than the 460's as well.
  2. Here is the another way of showing that the 5850 is in deed a little faster than the 460.

  3. The 460s are for sale.
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