AMD FX Windows 8 benchmarks?

Where are the Windows 8 benchmarks for piledriver? The changes to the scheduler in Windows 8 should improve performance, shouldn't they? I've been looking everywhere but to of no avail. I find it surprising that none of the tech sites have looked into this. In fact, I find it rather irresponsible. Many people will be purchasing new hardware with windows 8, they need to be informed!
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  1. A few sites have done it. AMD and MS both say that Windows 7 with the patches does equally well to Windows 8, but current tests still show otherwise. AnandTech, Tom's, anda few others have reviews showing otherwise, although even Tom's has started simply saying that MS and AMD say that it's not true, so it must be correct. However, I have't seen a recent comprehensive comparison to be a final, irrefutable answer to this question, so we'll have to wait and see. We'll find out soon enough, just be patient. It's only a matter of time before such a comparison is done.

    However, looking at Linux, many Linux distributions have proper scheduling for FX and FX can really fly on Linux as a result.
  2. irresponsible? i dont think so. they (tech site) are free on what projects/articles they want to do and have no obligation to make such article if they choose not to.
  3. No, no obligations. But I read a lot on this site, and other sites discussing AMD architecture and Windows 7 and the changes in Windows 8.

    I too am a little disappointed that I have seen no follow ups of people trying tests, given the discussions here a year ago.
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