Fx-8320 VS PhenomII x6

Okay simple question there are allot of things I'm looking at as I do upgrades on my system but its all come down to one question. I currently have a PhenomII x6 running at 3.4ghz OC , I'm looking at getting a new fx-8320 and kicking it up to 4.2ghz at least MAYBE 4.5ghz but lets say 4.2 for now. How much of a boost in performance does the community think I will see going from the x6 at 3.4ghz to the fx-8320 at 4.2ghz *yes I know I could push the x6 allot more but for right now I just wanna look at these numbers. what I'm looking to do is run Adobe cs 6 , Visual Studio , World of warcraft , Battle Field 3.

I'm reading the article Toms just put out on the fx-8350 at 4.0 and it seems to give about a 15% increase over the x6 in WoW and even better in heavy threaded software would pushing it to 4.5 make a big differnce? I guess to make it simple do people feel ill see a notice able boost over all going from a Phenom II x6 at 3.4 ghz to a fx-8320 at 4.2. I know it wont be a huge leap but will I notice it?
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  1. You should be perfectly fine with the X6 now.

    For those applications a good GPU would help you a lot.
  2. An 8320 at 4.5GHz should be up to a very roughly 30% performance gain over your x6 at 3.4GHz in WoW, maybe more like roughly 40% in some of those other things that you mentioned. However, I wouldn't spend $180 to get such an improvement. I'd recommend simply overclocking your current CPU. Even a cheap Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (can usually be had for around $30-35) should be more than enough for you to get around 3.8-4GHz on that x6 without any issues.
  3. I'm thinking the upgrade bug has just bitten him. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/351673-28-3350p-overclocked-locked-multi

    Gotta scratch that itch, lol.
  4. Well OP, if you really want an upgrade in WoW, you can get an 8320 and also edit its P states... Keep highly threaded ones as they are, but you could edit them to get really low for half of the cores in lightly threaded workloads and really high for the other cores in lightly threaded workloads. It'd be like a huge overclock for lightly threaded workloads that won't give as much heat and only a significant overclock in highly threaded workloads that have less thermal headroom.

    Just keep in mind that if you don't do something like that, you won't get a gain in WoW that you couldn't get by simply overclocking your Phenom II x6.
  5. I would wait FX will price slide in a few months and that PhII X6 is more than adequate to wait till prices slide. Thats my plan anyway on my AMD setup. Just overclock your x6 more till then if you want more grunt.
  6. Afraid I got bitten and upgraded my 1100t to an fx8350 mainly because dabs were selling it at £149 with delivery. I also got £110 for my 1100t off a friend. Hoping to get her to 5ghz on a Msi 990fxa gd80 And custom water cooling loop.
  7. Only one person actually answered my question lol. At least DJ helped me in the other thread.
  8. Hey, I told you about how much performance to expect out of it earlier like you asked :(
  9. You where the person I was refering to DJ helped me on some thing else so I was giveing him thanks.
  10. clock per clock performance..this piledriver on par with x6..

    4ghz fx8320/fx8350 roughly have same score in cinebench 11.5 with 4ghz x6..

    but the problem is..

    it's rather hard to get x6 that can be clocked more than 4Ghz..

    but for fx series, add 500Mhz to the processor clock, is'nt a big deal..

    So i think it is worth enough to get fx processor right now..as long as you overclock it..
  11. If you already have a AM3+ mobo then it might be a decent upgrade - but far from necessary as you won't see much of an improvement over X6. Otherwise (if you need to upgrade mobo as well) it's just a huge waist of money and time.

    I have an X6 at 3.5GHz and won't even bother upgrading to sandy/ivy let alone any of the FX CPUs.
  12. i pretty much agree here while the 8350 is a tempting upgrade I pretty much intended to skip this version all togeather and go with a 3930k considering they are saying the next e wont come out till late 2013 or 2014..
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