Interesting dilemma - Sapphire 6870 not recognized

This is my first time posting here and I'm at my wits end.

I have a Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 mobo w/i7 2700k, 16gb Corsair Vengeance ram, a Corsair 750w PSU, and finally, a Sapphire 6870.

The interesting problem I have is this: I bought a gtx 560ti to test and see if the pcie x16 port was messed up, but that card worked fine! (I had to return it because the card kept locking up my computer - a known issue for that particular MSI card)

In addition to that 560ti I bought an ASUS 6870 to test, but that card wasn't being recognized, just like my sapphire 6870.

So I'm left with this:
1. AMD cards are PCIE 2.1 and NVIDIA are 2.0. Logic says that shouldn't matter, but that's one difference. (My mobo has support for pcie3.0)
2. I got two defective graphics cards (highly unlikely)
3. My Mobo doesn't like AMD graphic cards. (I refuse to believe this)

I already updated my BIOS, changed the appropriate settings in the BIOS to go to the pciex16 slot first then the onboard and still nothing.

I have plenty of power, the graphics card fans are spinning, windows just can't recognize the card!!!! I hope someone here can provide some insight...Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well the reason you 560 worked is because of the drivers for the nVidia GPU's probley you integrated GPU is a nVidia one. You are going to have to use a driver sweeper to clean all of the nVidia drivers out.

    Then you will have to put in your 6870 and use the disk that came with it to load drivers to get started. Then later go to the manufacturers web site and down load the latest up to date drivers if they are not on the disk.

    A 2.1 will work in a 2.0 and a 3.0 or visa versa that is not the problem .I will link you to the driver sweepers they are free so here is three to choose from. Good luck to you.
  2. I will try that and let you know if it worked. The thing is, this is a brand new build and the first graphics card I put in was the Sapphire 6870 so there were no previous drivers. Are you saying that the integrated Intel GPU is a nVidia one and I need to remove the integrated drivers as well?

    Edit: I removed all traces of nVidia and AMD drivers. The only ones I have left are the Intel - Chipset ones. I disabled the integrated GPU from device manager in safe mode, turned off my computer, plugged in the 6870, plugged in my monitor to it, and booted nothing. No display. I'm lost!
  3. While in safe mode did you put the disk in and down loaded the driver from the disk? Then turn off your rig and reboot with the 6870. Also you did plug back in the cable coming from your PSU?

    Some times people forget to do that so I thought it would help to say it. I look up your MOBO and it is set up for SLI or Crossfire. Your MOBO is real close to mine except I have 3 PCIe slots you only have 2.

    Anyway try it that way and see if it works. After you did all the stuff in the bios and you made sure that the slot is were the first card is suppose to go? Let us know and thanks
  4. Unfortunately, no luck. I tried installing the drivers in safe mode, but that didn't work. I tried to put the 6870 in the PCIe x8 slot, but that didn't work. My computer knows it's in there because I tried to install the drivers without the card in there and it gave me an error saying "device not found" or something like that. Everything seems to be there except it's providing no video signal!

    I'm running out of ideas. I'm want to think my mobo just doesn't like AMD cards, but that's ridiculous since plenty of people have my mobo and their AMD cards are running fine.

    Thanks for your help DM186, but I literally don't know what to do at this point. I would think it shouldn't be this hard...something has to be wrong. I wish I could test the card out in another computer, but I just don't have one to do that.

    what to do...
  5. That no good, like I said I look up your MOBO and it is SLI/CrossFire ready. But if it only plays nVidia cards maybe you should take the one 6870 back and buy a XFX or EVGA 560 ti card and put your other 6870 on e-bay.

    If your other card is new return it to. That is to bad you can't test the two cards in another rig. Yeah if your MOBO is only playing nVidia cards it could be your MOBO.

    Here one more idea. Make sure your cards are not in the the slots. Using your integrated graphics go into the bios and disable your integrated graphics card shut down, put one of your cards in and reboot.

    Just make sure you remember to re hook back your monitor back to your 6870. At this time it is worth a shot just to see if that is the problem. I have seen other people on do that and it worked. let me know the out come.

    I am going to link you to a trouble shooting sticky from toms here.
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