Ultimate workstation CPU/'S Help selecting

Hello, I need to build the ultimate graphics workstation but i do not know what to select

my budget is about 4500~4700 for the entire build.

I know what i want for the rest of the build but what processor or processors should i choose?

I will be running mostly 3d design software with a lot of polygons.
I want these to render as fast as possible...almost on the fly.

I will be working on cs/5.5 soon to be cs6
using photoshop and illustrator with advanced functions including liquify and live trace and images with 1000+ layers

hd video editing and encoding

little to no gaming

What is the best choice of processor?

Im thinking of using dual 16 core opterons running at 2.2 ghz. is that enough speed for this kind of work?

Thank you all in advance for your critiques and input.
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    This is a standard digital storm workstation but I added the extreme liquid cooling so you will have no worries of overheating or noise!
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    intel socket 2011
    4 x4 gig of RAM
    pci-e SSD drive
  3. so why would you go xeon/opteron vs consumer processors or vice versa? I am a little unsure that a server processor will be fast enough. thanks.
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  5. The 3d card in his suggested config is too slow...

    Lourendo, most 3d workstations are built around workstation CPUs...
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