I just recently built my own gaming machine. I completely built from the ground up other than my HDD. The HDD I took from my old STORE BOUGHT PC, so it has an OEM of windows 7 home premium 64 bit that came with that computer. As you know this will not work on the new self build computer after the first month.

So here is the question. I have the home built PC with the OLD HDD inside of it with a now "non genuine" Windows 7 on it. If i am to purchase a NEW Windows 7 64 bit OEM will i be able to install it onto this HDD in my new homebuilt machine?
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    The reason that the Windows 7 will not function with your current build even though you have the same HDD is because the base value of your system is too different from the variables of your old system.

    With a new product key you should be fine w/o having to re-install windows.
  2. even if the NEW windows 7 that i purchase is also an OEM?
  3. You're essentially just buying it for the product code if you already have win7 installed so yes.
  4. okay :) thank you soooooo much! so basicly, my hard drive came with a manufactures OEM on it. so if i buy my own OEM and enter that key to register it it will work perfectly fine on my computer, i just wont be able to transfer it to another computer obviuously?
  5. Correct, however, I have heard that in some cases if you call & give microsoft customer support a bunch of grief they will provide you a way to get the win7 you already have up & running even though it is an OEM product.

    Worth a shot but if nothing else yea just get a new product key.
  6. okay thank you soooo sooo much :) just basicly wanted to make sure ordering this OEM was even gonna work since theres already an old OEM on this HDD :)
  7. Glad I could help, good luck with your new build =)
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  9. Thanks one last time for all the help. i feel so relieved now and i learned something new so all good ;D haha. Can't wait to get my new OEM in the mail haha
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