Anti static bag to install components?

can i use a anti static bag like the ones graphics cards come in the mail, to hold pc parts with or rest them on while adding/removing/changing hardware?
for example could i just pick up my old graphics card and put my new one in by holding it with the bag instead of my hands?
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  1. Or use what every major IT person should use. A antistatic wrist strap found pretty much any major electronics store such as radioshack.
  2. Don't pick it up with the anti static bag because the outside actually isn't anti static; only the inside is. You can use a wrist strap if you are concerned, but honestly, just touch some bare metal on your computer case. That's what most people (and what I) do. I've never had a problem using that method.

    - Jake
  3. all you NEED to do is, stay off carpet and touch the metal frame of your case to ground yourself before handling components; that discharges any static electricity
  4. if its the inside couldnt you just turn it inside out?
  5. fraza said:
    if its the inside couldnt you just turn it inside out?

    I think the point everyone is making here is the idea is a little silly. you are.going to have to touch it anyway. its going to be about impossible using the bags as gloves. if your paranoid get a wrist strap. if you're not ground yourself to the case first. unless your moving around or shuffling on carpet there's nothing to really worry about.
  6. you don't need to be overly concerned. touch metal to ground yourself and reach in and take it out. or just leave it alone until you get wrist wraps.
  7. Actually, the term "antistatic" is a little misleading. The coating on the bag is actually conductive. That prevents static buildup inside the bag by allowing any static to discharge before it develops enough voltage to actually cause damage. Therefore, if you use the antistatic bag to hold the devices, all you are really accomplishing is to create another path for current to flow across the bag.

    Preventing static buildup requires discharging the object that has the static buildup(your hand or body) before it has the opportunity to discharge across one of your sensitive components and damage it.
  8. ok if i just touch the metal case of the computer with it unpluged will that do anything?
    right now i want to install a graphics card im a little worried about damaging it.
    the whole anti static thing is very confusing i look it up and see people argueing wether about the pc should be connected with power or not, earthed etc...
    so when theirs an opportunity to just put somthing over your hand to do somthing it seems a lot simpler and safer.
  9. Touching any bare metal object will be good enough to discharge electricity. So just touch the metal case before you touch the gpu. A wrist strap can be a good precautionary measure. I personally have never needed one for any of the times I've had to remove/install a GPU.

    I would think that even if using the bag was effective you would run a greater risk of damaging components then if you were to use your bare hands. I could easily see the card slipping and damaging the mobo as you tried to insert from inside that bag.
  10. ok il just touch the case, its what ive been doing before but with a new build coming im extra cautious.
    also should i hold the power switch after i disconect the power to remove any electricity still inside?
  11. Personally I prefer to just pull the cord and flip the main power switch into the off position. Then I wait for a minute. I never liked pushing to power switch to dischage the electricity as it would cause the system to power on then quickly power off. To me it seemed like it was more likely to cause system damage. but that's just me. I do believe that most people push the power button just to be safe.
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