CPU Cooler Backplate Shorting The Computer?

I have RMA'd 3 CPU's and a motherboard trying to find the cause to all my my troubles.
I have come to the realization that the back plate could be shorting everything.
Here is a picture:

Computer B has had 2 CPUs replaced and after trying Computer A's CPU in Computer B, i had to RMA it as well. I received both CPU replacements today and put the Cooler from Computer B into Computer A and now i have another dead CPU.
Is this the possible cause?
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  1. i see black insulation of some form on the "feet" of the backplate that are facing towards the camera, is there also insulation on the other side between the backplate & mobo? there should be, if not i'd suggest adding some to see if it cures the problem (electrical tape maybe?) or if you are unwilling to risk another cpu/mobo then time to get a different cooler.
  2. Thank you for your fast reply!
    The insulation on the other side has been removed. I followed the instructions and I'm uploading a picture of the manual that says to remove it. But now that i have looked online at the manual it is different, and doesn't say to remove it.

    Here is the online manual:
    Here is the hard copy:
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    Looks like a manual that wasn't orginally written in english & has been crappily translated. bugger. but still think abit more next time about what you're doing - bare electricals on the back of your mobo + an uninsulated metal plate can never be a good thing, that's just common sense. hope it's fixed now & all works well :)
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  5. If this was the problem, then the PSU and Motherboard are being tested right now. They are probably faulty from this, but should i tell the warranty people what i found? I feel partly to blame, but the instruction manual threw me into this wild goose chase for 2 months. It isn't there fault, but i don't want to throw another $800 down the drain.
    I don't know how to proceed
  6. How much would it cost you to tell them nothing & let them replace the parts if they are deemed faulty? i can't tell you how you should proceed with this, i only know how i would - but this forum's for tech issues not moral issues. sorry.
  7. Probably the same amount. These guys are really nice and have helped me a lot.
    But you have helped me the most, you have saved me future breakdowns and so much money.
    Threw a stock cooler on, it will run slower and hotter and stupidly louder until i get a new one.

    I am mentally exhausted, but you have eased my mind. I can now sleep tonight ^.^

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