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My friend's computer keeps shutting off when we are playing video games and using Skype at the same time. The CPU usage gradually climbs until it reaches 100% and then the computer proceeds to crash. All his fans are functioning, and his hardware is more than sufficient to run the game and Skype. What could be causing this to happen?


Core i5 2500
XFX Radeon HD 6870
8 gigs DDR3 1333
600w Power supply
LGA 1155 p67 motherboard
Anetec 300 Case
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    check the cpu heat sink is firmly attached . The intel push pins suck

    But the cpu usage climbing suggests another process is using cpu resources . Open tak manager and see which processes are running and how much memory they are using . Googling the names will identify them . Dont hesitate to turn off anything that is not an essential windows process , your game , skype, AV and firewall RE RUNNING
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