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Confused on what card or cards to get?

I'm in the process of building my first pc and already have purchased everything but the graphics card... here's what ive got

gigabyte z77 ud5h 1155 mobo
crucial ballistix tactical tracer 2x4g 1866
zaleman cnp9900max cpu cooler
seagate barricuda 1tb drive 7200 rpm 64 cache
rosewell blackhawk mid case
roswill xtreme 850w 80 plus bronze power supply
asus dvd rw drive

and finally i just need a graphics card. I'm looking at the 250 dollar ish price range and cant decide on what to get. I was looking at the 7850, 2 crossfire 7770's, or possibly an nvidia option. I've read the 78xx series cards have some issues atm , but are they just driver related?

Thanks any help is appreciated.
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  1. newegg seems to be out of stock of those 2 cards, i should probably get a 3.0 card with my ivy setup right?

    Toms says for $260 you should get the 7850.

    What res are you wanting to play at?
  3. The HD7850. The drivers aren't fullly mature as yet, so they might have occasional issues with certain games. However, once overclocked to 1300Mhz, it's on par with a GTX580, a $400 card. You cant beat that for value. As for the drivers, they can only improve over time, meaning you are looking at more performance over time.
  4. 1080p most likely thanks for the advice bee and zero... hd7850 looks like its gonna be it, I was looking at the 7850's and the xfx double d caught my eye, are the ghz versions and black edition versions just factory clocked higher or do they have better hardware inside, will just the double d overclock well?
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    Umm the difference is the double d has dual fans but the same 860 clock. The other version on that page comes with a higher clock.

    This page list all of xfx 7850 cards. One of the double d versions might be best.
  6. Have you considered the 6000 series. The 6850 or 6870 are great for Crossfire and the 6850 can be cheap. I think the main thing with the 7 series is the PCIE 3.0 which you mobo wont support. Also according to this chart
    the geforce GTX 480 performs better then all of these. Ofcourse it all varies from game to game. Look at bench charts this site has some really great bench charts use them.
  7. For a new build get the best SINGLE card you can. Do not sli or crossfire two lesser cards right away. If you do go with XFX get the DD edition. It has a much better cooler than the reference design and XFX adds a liftime warranty to all cards with that are DD.
  8. I would not do CF with 6800s. Definitively go for 7850. Tiger has them in stock. Asus is great overclocker.
  9. stubbs my board is the z77-ud5h which has three 3.0 lanes (1 16x, 1 8x, and 1 4x)

    looks like its going to be 7850, either the asus or double d

    thanks for all the help guys
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