Dell vostro 220s motherboard and cpu upgrade

Hi Everybody,
i have a dell vostro 220s with an intel core 2 duo e7500
could i switch the mobo with this
and replace the cpu with a intel core 2 q9400?
i know that with the standard dell mobo you cant install this processer or OC it, so will i be able to do so with the mobo? also is it worth it to upgrade from a e7500 to a q9400?
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  1. Weather its worth it or not remains to be seen . But you will definatly notice a diffrence going from a c2d to a c2q specially in multi threaded apps.Yes it will take the cpu np. But for not much more you could prob get something more current.Like a i3 or i 5 or even an i7..
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