Dell vostro 220s motherboard and cpu upgrade

hi everybody.
i have a dell vostro 220s with a core 2 duo e7500 cpu
could i upgrade the mobo to this
and upgrade the cpu to a intel core q9400?
i know that i cant OC the e7500 on the stock dell mobo and the q9400 doesnt work on mobo either
will i be able to OC any of the processers with the new mobo?
lastly, is the cpu upgrade worth it?
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  1. Hi there,

    Your new motherboard and new CPU are compatible with each other and you can overclock both CPUs on the new motherboard only not on the oem one. I assume your computer case is a micro atx one and so the board is compatible, however if you are overclocking I urge you to buy another computer case since the current case has terrible airflow and offers inadequate cooling for CPU coolers and in general. The upgrade is worth it, I too have found the performance from dual cores to quad cores to be quite a difference (I changed from an Athlon II X2 220 to a Phenom II X4 955 BE). I can convert files much quicker, I can multi-task more often without worrying over CPU load and much more. Just a word of caution, you computer case may be special and not have a universal design which will allow the changing of a motherboard. Take a look at the standoffs and look at the motherboard in the picture and try and visualize if it will line up.

    - Socialfox :)
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