Biggest Baddest Cases!!!!!!!

Post the name, link, and specs to the biggest baddest cases you have seen and would use. Everyone talks about the lian li PC 60 ect.. Pretty, but small. The case i am going to use in the system i am setting u<pi> is the Addtronics 7896A. This badass case fits 9 fans! it has room for a redundant powersupply and has 6 exposed 5.25 drive bays and 1 3inch bay. and lots of drive bays inside.

here is the link:

What are the Biggest Baddest Cases yøu guys have seen. ATX preffered. I like my choice. you can fit 9 fans!
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  2. That sx1240 is pretty big, but the server series from them are the only ones that can match the addronic in size and fan mountings.
  3. If you don't like the PC-60, try the PC-70!

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  4. Check out They have a huge selection of very unusual cases.

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  5. Here are some More Huge Bad Ass Casses that I have found. Hard to pick:

    This one is pretty cool if you like silver:

    I like the look on this case. it is pretty big, good fan space:

    Then theirs this one. I really like it:

    I am Torn Between the Iian li PC 70, the addtronics 7896A, and the Tornado 3000. I might be leaning twords the Tornado 3000....
  6. Try this one too. Very cool, very big and very expensive cases: Happy shopping.

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  7. That big Tornado case weighs 32 pounds!!! I'd opt for the Lian-Li. It's entirely made of aluminum which is nice, especially in a big case. You'll probably save 20 pounds if it matters to you.

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    Here is the biggest case from that Wahoo computers place. I think it is the Addtronics case with custom fans and attatchments. addtronics case is 138. That case with all the added stuff (windows, neon lights, fan bays, added internal fans) came out to 687$$ lol!!!! that is an expensive case! hehe

    any others out their??
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