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Hi all,

Purchasing a new CPU but dont know what to go for! i have a Gigabyte 970a-D3 motherboard, and am considering the phenom x4 965 (but is it getting too old?) the fx 4100/6100 i just dont know what to go for. I will be running games such as black ops 2, MoH warfighter, and Bf3.

Sean aka Regi
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  1. what are your comple system specs?
    try to balance the parts out meaning dont skimp out on the cpu and get a good gpu because you will experience a bottleneck
  2. Hi there system specs:

    CPU : AMD Phenom II x2 555
    Motherboard: Gigabyte 970a- D3
    RAM: 4GB AMD Performance edition 1600MHz
    Graphics Card : AMD Radeon HD 7770
    HD : 500GB Western Digital
    OS : Win 7 64 bit
    PSU : Corsair cx600
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