Finally found a GTX 680 but..

.. is it a "good" one?

they're almost impossible to get in Switzerland at the moment. There is ONE available in a shop I can order from but I wanna make sure its a good model/brand and not available exactly because it's not the one i'm looking for.

Here is the ref:

PNY Technologies GF GTX 680 2GB DDR2 PCI-E

Also it is cheaper than the other 680.. not sure why..Thoughts?
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  1. PNY is good but I prefer EVGA or MSI. Btw how much is it? (you gave me the impression that it's less than 500 USD :) )
  2. PNY is fine...
  3. Pny are good, but not excellent.

    doesn't really matter that much though. its still a reference 680.
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