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Hello all,

Two weeks back i purchased a CM Storm trooper case, went through installation easy and was rather satisfied with it ( Everything working perfectly ).

A week ago i reopened the case to install 2 side 120mm fans which i connected straight to the motherboard because i had no extenders for the case build in
controller and those were 2 old fans i got from my old case just to use for a while and test temperatures.

The fan controller on the case got it's own power cord ( molex ) 4 Buttons get power from that specific wire and the main fans of the case ( 4 of them ) . Power button LED, Decrease / Increase / Turn fan light on/off

Yesterday i opened the case to check on a ''weird'' noise ( it was the psu being noisy, nothing else ).
While i was trying to figure out where the noise was coming from i disconnected all fans power and left only psu/gpu/cpu fans running.
Now the problem is that when i reconnected the controller power wire fans did not start working again, odd thing was that the Power LED was on but the other 3 buttons were off and uncontrollable so i assumed it got ''stuck'' or something ( or at least i wanted to believe that ) I tested the case fans by connecting them straight to the motherboard and all 4 were working. ( Except the light in the 2 front fans which is on a different wire for which only the controller got connectors matching them )

I am aware that connecting anything while power is running is a bad idea, but i find it extremely odd that
1: The Power LED is on
2: Controller fried so easily.

I will call for warranty tomorrow but i am rather curious if it's something else than '' you fried it ''
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  1. Those controllers are very sensitive. You almost certainly damaged it when you plugged them in hot. Why not just get the extenders/adaptors and plug them right into your mbod? RMA might not work if they figure out what happened. Best of luck.
  2. I see, good to know. Thank you for the info.
  3. your very welcome. hope you get it resolved.
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