2012 equivalent of pentium 4 2 8ghz

I run Adobe creative suite on a dell dimension 3100c with a Pentium 4 2.8ghz processor and 2gb ram. Surprisingly it runs very well but it is time to upgrade.
However, I do not have a massive budget is there a chip that is relatively inexpensive but will run Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator well and what motherboard should I put with it?
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  1. Are you going to run XP? and what version of those Adobe apps?
    I think any modern CPU will outperform that old single core processor.
    What your budget?
  2. I think a better question is, what is your budget?

    You will need to get ram.cpu.mobo.

  3. CPU's have gone a very long way since Pentium4's

    Any of today's lowest end cpu is miles ahead of a Pentium 4

    It is hard to make a recommendation because I am not sure what your budget is like and I am not sure if you rather buy a name brand, get someone to build it or to build it yourself.

    I recommend that you build it yourself or you go to a "microbytes, or any computer only store that builds pc's"

    You will want the following

    A pentium G630 or G850 (about 70 to 80$ cpu)

    Those are the Pentium 4's of today (if not the celerons of today but perform astonishingly well)

    You can also get a Core I3.

    If you go AMD, you can go for a phenom X4 if still in stock or an FX43XX

    I would recommend an AMD A8 or A10 as they bring better balance for processing and video.

    No matter what CPU you use, let it be a higher end Intel Core I5 to a lower end AMD FX4350

    You will not see a massive difference in computer operation.

    A computer can only go as fast as it can read the information given to it.

    For the best computing experience, I STRONGLY suggest, you get a computer with an SSD Harddrive.

    something like 180Gig or 256Gig ssd hard drive. (if you need more space, get a regular drive on the side for storage)

    If you plan on building it yourself let us know and I am sure someone can make a full list of parts for you.
  4. Almost any current CPU you can buy now will better better than that P4 (even a low end Sandy Bridge Celeron).

    As C00lIT alluded to, though, I would suggest a decent quad for your uses.
  5. As long as you have a decent budget to work with, any low cost modern CPU will outperform your old P4.
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