New Mobo, RAM and CPU - intermittent power problem

Hi, I just got a new motherboard, CPU and some RAM. Problem is, I turn on the computer and the lights flash as if they are getting a limited amount of power and the fans turn very slowly in a weak fashion.

Motherboard is a ASrock H61M 1155 socket mATX board
CPU s a Pentium G620
RAM is 3Gb of DDR3 I got out of an old computer

I don't think it's a PSU problem as it's around 450W so should be able to handle all my components .

Any help is greatly appreciated,
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  1. Hmm, Here's a short list of troubleshooting methods.

    Trying using one stick of ram in all the ram slots to make sure there is no dead slots.
    Reseat the CPU to make sure you set it in right. Remember not to force it in.
    If you have one try another power supply.

    What are the rest of the specs of your computer? 450w is plenty for a g620 with those specs.
  2. Already got 2 sticks in, 1x 1gb and 1x 2gb.
    I'll try reseating the CPU and have a look for another PSU somewhere.
    Cheers, I'll let you know if this sorts it out.
  3. nope :/
    reseating the CPU had no effect. I may take it to someone who knows more than I do in these areas...
  4. Bump - still not working, anyone have anymore ideas?
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