All purpose rig

I'm planning to buy a new PC, but i'm not sure if everything is compatible.


Intel Core i7 3770k

Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe or Asus P8Z77-V Pro?

Sapphire HD 7870 GHz Edition OC or Asus GTX670-DC2T-2GD5?

Corsair HX750W

Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker

G.Skill RipjawsX F3-17000CL9D-8GBXM

Asus VE247H (Full HD)

And should i get a SSD or not? Please help. All the answers are welcome. :)
Will the 7870 run BF3 on Ultra?
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  1. Now that is a build to make someone jealous about!!
    It should run bf3 on ultra just fine :D
  2. Running BF3 would be a joke for that build, you don't have to worry.

    Everything seems fully compatible.

    As for the motherboards, the price difference seems rather small and the only ''solid'' difference i could find is here:

    Apart from that i am sure it really depends on what connections you want, check asus main page and you can check them yourself to see what you prefer.

    On a personal note i find the specific ram excessive except if you are planning for some heavy overclocking down the road.
    I am using 8g 1600mhz rams which run at 1333mhz and nothing slows them down.

    Also a small note here, i am not an expert but the MHz companies market their rams with ( 2133mhz to use your case ) is the number that the rams can achieve through overclocking and BE Stable and not the number that your rams are going to run when you use them the first time.

    An SSD is a very big step over HDD's, said to be up to 40% faster. It's the only part of your system that when you upgrade you will see a big difference in the way things work. Today CPU's and ram's are being ''limited'' in a way from the speed of the hdd's.
    In short, you will end up waiting for your hdd to do the task that your cpu and ram asked for.

    That build is what you could call future proof. The only thing that you may need to change after ~2 years is the gpu and if i judge on how games progress lately you won't even need that.

    Something you should know is that this type of build is builded having overclocking in mind too! If not, you could save some money from both cpu and motherboard.
  3. By the way, get the geforce 670 instead of the 7870. Unless you use heavily-threaded professional applications, *YOU ARE PUTTING 100$ IN THE TRASH CAN WITH A 3770K*, get a 3570k! You will see absolutely no difference between the two processors in general tasks, regular applications and gaming. Put your money elsewhere like a really good SSD, getting a good 670, etc.
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