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Screen appearing greenish blue? HELP!

Hello forum

I just bought a new XFX 8800GT 600M DDR3 512 MB.i know its old but it's new in terms of the product.

I have a 8500gt And a 15 inch CRT monitor, VGA.

The problem is my screen now appears greenish blue,no problems of drivers i can be sure as i tried swapping back 8500gt and it worked well.

Some say that the dvi to vga adapter is faulty on 8800gt and many have solved their issue.

And some say bad psu,my psu is some cheap 450W psu with +3.3V @ 30A,+5v @ 29A and +12 V @ 18A.

What could be the problem?

Help needed urgently.

my specs:

Core 2 Extreme Qx6800
2 gb ram
Asrock g31m-vs2

I dont wanna spend much on this build as i already have a better one and am now poor.
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  1. Could be the card itself (prob not... as long as you not damaged the DVI) Number 4 candidate.
    Coul dbe the DVI to VGA... Number 2 candidate
    Could be the cable Number 1 candidate
    Could be the CRT Number 3 candidate

  2. Every thing is visible on the screen,its just a blue tint that's making colours wrong.What cable could go wrong?
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    The cable between the graphics card and the screen? was it really not obvious which cable I talking about?
  4. Fixed it,The dvi - vga adapter was held loose,tightened the screws and it worked,thanks.
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