The max power of cpu is over 95W

Hello, my little brother is upgrading his PC, and he bought AMD Athlon 64 x2 6400+, and when i turn it on, it says "The max power of cpu is over 95W"

His motherboard is Nvidia N61PC-M2S. Help please.
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  1. That CPU has a 125w TDP. The motherboard can not take CPU's with a TDP greater than 95w. So, that CPU is not going to work in that motherboard. You'll have to put in the original CPU or get another one.
  2. Thank you very much.
  3. As obsama said your new CPU is not compatible with the old motherboard. You either have to use the old CPU or buy a new one. I'm guessing this is an OEM big box computer. If that is the case and if you decide to get another CPU check the computer manufactures website and find the CPU compatibility list.
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