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How many watts do I need for not-so-good PSU?

I know that if I were to get a good, expensive PSU, Then I would need about 340W for my build ( ). But if I were to choose a cheap PSU, like the CoolMax V-600, then how many more watts would I need to still keep things stable? (Strangely, I actually found a good review on this CoolMax PSU: Can I trust this review?)

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    There are cheap good quailty psus. I'd suggest this one, only $5 more and much better quailty. Not to mention it is also 80+ bronze.
  2. No you can't trust that 'review', because it is a 'preview' at best. This is because it doesn't use a load tester or accurate measuring equipment.
    See this article for a more full explanation:
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