How does this build look

hey everyone
tomorrow i will buy a gaming pc and i want acceptable fps at max or close to max settings
i have monitor.mouse......
site:ill buy it from local
and here is the system
mobo:asus z77-v pro/gene 3
cpu:i5 2500k
gpu:asus 560 ti
ram:corsair vengeance 2x4gb
hdd:western green 1 tera( later ill buy a caviar black so please dont comment how bad a western green is)
power:corsair gs600
case:cougar evolution

if u have any suggestion please tell me and i have 2 questions:
-will this build handle new games like bf3 and crysis 2 with max setting?
-if later i decide to buy another 560 ti and sli going to need a stronger psu?
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  1. It will, but BF3 won't get super high framerates if you keep AA and AF on.
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