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Upgrade CPU or GPU

Hello everyone, I just bought a computer that has an i5 2320 in it from Best Buy about a week ago, meaning I still have time to take it back. I put my OCed HD 6770 (GPU clock: 950 Mhz/Memory clock: 1245Mhz) into it , and started playing some games like TERA Online, Guild Wars 2 beta, and Final Fantasy XIV. I haven't been getting a steady 60 FPS on high settings although my specs exceed their recommended requirements. I've been doing some research and trying to see if I can put another maybe $200 into my system. If I can, would it be more beneficial to me to put that money into getting a different CPU? Like an i7 2600 or i5 2500k, or upgrading my GPU?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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  1. I doubt BestBuy will take it back or even warranty it if you have already opened it and replaced parts. At least the last time I bought a laptop from them that was the policy. Final fantasy recommends an i7 though they don't specify dual or quad core. Also, yes a gpu would be far more beneficial than a cpu upgrade.
  2. Upgrading either of those would probably be pointless. You probably are not getting a steady 60 because of the computer itself. I am assuming it is a pre-built computer, like a HP or a Dell. Those computers do not come with good power supplies at all and are possibly not supplying enough power to the overclocked 6770 you have in there.

    That being said, if you did upgrade the power supply, then it would be pointless to upgrade to a 2500K, since you would not be able to overclock it. Upgrading that processor would not yeild a very good upgrade point. Graphics would be a much more rewarding upgrade.

    Though I would check the power supply first though, if you didn't upgrade it, then you are going to have to.
  3. I did upgrade to a 550 watt PSU.
  4. Also what resolution are you playing? You just meet the recommeded system requirements for Final Fantasy at 1280x720.
  5. 1680 x 1050
  6. I would try return your purchase, then build yourself a new rig.
  7. Yea return it and Build your own rig. Overclock a 2600k and you wont regret it.
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    Janders said:
    1680 x 1050

    I find recommended settings to be deceptive for any game. Take battlefield3 for example. They recommend a gtx 560. I had sli gtx's 460 1GB and I could only play with high settings and still maintain 60 FPS. SLI gtx 460 1GB are far better than a single 560. I believe the recommended video card for any game will only give you middle of the road performance and the minimum card will be barely enough to play at the lowest settings depending on the resolution. Having said that, if you have another pci-e x16 slot available you can get another 6770 and crossfire it and you should be able to max those games at your resolution. You may run into a power issue with your 550W. AMD recommends a 450W for a single 6770 and a 600W for crossfire 6770. A good 550W may be enough so if you decide to get another 6770 then try it with your 550W first and see if you need more. I find a cheap digital power meter is a handy device to see what your system draw is.
  9. Thank you very much alrobichaud, that was what I needed to know. I just bought the power supply too, so I can take it back and get another if needed.
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  11. Of course building or buying a better machine is going to be the common answer here. There is nothing wrong with your rig. It is the gpu you are using that is holding you back. If you think you want something better then you should return it and upgrade but if you are simply looking to get more FPS then just get a better GPU or crossfire the one you have now.
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