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I am on the fence between a Dell XPS 8500, with the ivy bridge i-5, and 8 gb of ram and the Dell Inspiron 620 with 8 gb of ram and the sandy beach i-5. With a sale coupon, the Inspiron prices in at just over $500.00 USD. The stock xps 8500 is $750.00 USD. Either way I plan to upgrade the graphics, although I may be able to avoid a PSU upgrade on the XPS.

As far as graphics, any advice on HD 6850, 6870, and 7770 would be appreciated. I guess it's clear that I'm looking to confine the GPU to les than $200.00 USD.

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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Hey Preacher,
    I would be thinking of building you own, I would not be thinking of buying a computer and planing to upgrade it right away.

    I certainly have that idea, but I am typically more comfortable getting a stock PC, then changing the graphics card. By the time I add Win 7, I am close to even w/o the construction headache.
  2. for $700 (500 PC + 200 GPU & PSU) you can build a very solid i5 sandy bridge, and $950 (for the 8500) is plenty for a very very nice PC.
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    ok, specs I'm seeing at Dell are

    $599 for Inspiron 620:
    i5-2350 w/ HD 2000 graphics
    6 GB RAM
    1 TB HDD
    20" monitor (Probly 160/00x900)
    Win 7 home

    and you want to add $200 for a GPU and better PSU. total $799. call it $800 there.


    The 8500 has, for $749
    8 GB RAM
    no monitor
    AMD 7570
    1 TB HDD
    Windows 7 home premium

    You have a low-end gpu here, but need a Monitor, say $100 extra, for $850

    I think we can do a better system in the $850 range.

    I5-3450: $199.99
    same cpu as the 8500

    Gigabyte B75M-D3V motherboard: $69.99
    basic, but all we need

    Team 8 GB DDR3-1600 $40.99 + 6ft HDMI cable
    same speed as the 8500.

    Win 7 Home Premium: $99.99
    yes, OEM version.

    Samsung DVD burner: $14.99
    simple, but cheap

    seagate 1 TB Sata II hdd, 7200 rpm: $99.99
    you won't notice the difference between SATA II and SATA III with a mechanical hard drive

    Sapphire HD 6850 graphics card: $134.99 plus $15 rebate
    far BETTER graphics

    corsair CX 430 W PSU: $44.95 plus $10 rebate
    plenty of juice for this system.

    Rosewill Ranger-M Case: $24.99 w/ promo code
    its on sale right now, and has a cool LED in front

    IO Gear US Keyboard and Mouse: $11.99
    basic but functional

    Acer 20" monitor, 1600x900: $99.99

    total: $842.89
  4. ScrewySqrl:

    Thanks for the build details. I have been away for a while, so missed your detailed reply. I am not much in the confidence arena for a build, yet. I will likely be putting aside the build option for later. My main rule in buying a PC is get as much processor as I can. I am looking now at the Dell XPS i7 with the coupon until July 4, and will keep base graphics for a while. I think that most gaming I do on the PC is real time strategy/Total War/ etc type stuff, where the GPU can wait a while.

    Thanks for your help.
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