Graphics card running display but isn't recognized by windows 8


As the title states, my monitor is plugged into my graphics card and the display works but windows is not recognizing the card (wont use the graphics card for games)

Here is a little background:
I just finished a new build with these components
-Asus p8Z77-v Pro
-Radeon 7950 (reference card)
-Windows 8 (spent too much on the build so I am waiting a couple weeks to pick up Windows 7, My old OS is windows xp pro 32 so I can't use that to play BF3)
-8gb g. skill 1600
-PSU Corsiar hx 620w (it's older but should be able to run the 7950)

Thanks for any help guys.
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  1. Hi, I'm having the same issue -- also a new build.

    I'm using:
    -ASRock Z77 Extreme4
    -Radeon HD 7770
    -Intel Core i5 3750K
    -Windows 8
    -8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600
    -Lepa G500

    The system defaults to using the integrated graphics in the CPU even though the BIOS has the graphics set to use the PCI Express slot. My display works and is connected to the card by DVI. Windows seems to recognize the fact that the card is there but will not install any drivers for it.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi there, There are a lot of issues with Win8, and it seems microsoft wont add any dvd or blu way player to it, so just wait for win7 (if you can't wait until your win7 copy arrives donwload one). Regards
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