Trust TB-4200 crashing Windows 8

Hi Tom's Hardware community,

I was hoping that you could help me resolve a problem with my wireless tablet. It used to work in Windows 7 flawlessly. Well, I had to dig up the drivers with which the pen pressure would work, but it was OK.

Now, Windows 8 installs it's own driver and the tablet works. But there's no pen pressure and it's too sensitive. So I went and installed the drivers I dug up earlier (other device drivers worked with no problems) and about half-way through the installation I got a BSOD.

Okay, I knew that I would eventually run into a driver incompatible with the new Windows. So I uninstalled the driver and installed it in Windows 98 compatibility mode (worked for Asus EPU 4 Engine). This time the drivers installed, but the moment I lay the pen on the tablet, I get a BSOD.

I tried with Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatibility modes, but had no success. I even tried to install the original Trust drivers (which caused problems on Windows 7) and got the sad blue screen again...

So I have turned to you, TH community, because I am all out of ideas for this matter. I hope that you can help me.

Thanks in advance. :D
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