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Im in the middle of configuring Fan Xpert 2 (part of AI suite II) and it got me curious.
If you don't care about your computer being noisy, can't you just keep all the fans at Max speed all the time?
Or does this wear out the fans?
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  1. Yes you can, the bearings will wear out quicker then normal but they will still last long, just remember to lubricate the bearings every once in a while if you are going to run the fans at max speed all the time.
  2. yes,
    The only other con potentially you will also get extra dust in the system (depends on your specific conditions.

    If your fans are not serviceable (not all have access to the bearing without completely destroying the fan), I suggest having a couple spare fans ready to swap in.
  3. You can access the bearing under the front sticker in most fans, sme will have a plastic cover.

    It won't destroy the fan unless you put something else other than oil in the bearings.
  4. yep, I'm talking about the fans, where you peel off that sticker and there's nothing there but flat plastic.
  5. Im sorry for not answering sooner, but thanks for the replies :)
    I think im going to keep them at lower speeds at low temps.
  6. Well leaving the fans at full speed will keep your temps somewhat lower.

    Your idea is good but if your fans aren't automatically adjusted by software then you could get higher temps if you get what i mean, what cooler are you using?
  7. CPU? Using Cooler Master 412S
    Been trying different Fan Xpert 2 settings and i ended up with having all the fans at 70% aslong as the CPU is lower than 40c, 85% at 40-50 and 100% after that. Seems to keep the temps under control : )
    When i start a demanding game i just swap to the Full-Speed profile, and back afterwords. Not sure if it's needed but, makes me feel safer.
  8. Well aslong as you aren't hitting higher 70s/80s, your completely safe.
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